Prijs : Ft. 80.000.000,-
Woon Opp. :
Object nr. : 0202 Kurityán

For Sale: 0202 Kurityán
Listing Price: Ft. 80.000.000,- = £
198,315,- C.C.*

Many different possibilities can be imagined for this huge building with its large surrounding property. The current owner intended to start a wedding venue at this location. Unfortunately they ran out of finances before finishing. The rooms upstairs are not finished, but there is a very spacious private apartment, completely renovated, with 4 very spacious, luxurious rooms and a large bathroom with sauna and whirlpool. Imaging seeing your own horses running through the fields behind the house. Or you could start a camping or B&B.

The building dates from 1975 and the base was not insulated. They started with the insulation and renovation, but after the plaster layer was removed, the planned renovation was not continued.

Fortunately, the walls are in good condition. An insulating layer can easily be applied and then a plaster layer. This will make the whole look very different.
The house has on the whole a well-constructed tile roof in very good condition.

The frames that have already been replaced are plastic and have insulating double glazing. The older frames are made of wood, but are in good condition.
This property includes a plot of 2.5 ha that is currently used as grassland / hay, this land is located on a small hill.
The layout of this spacious building consists of four parts:

-In the first part a room has been made suitable for receiving and catering groups. For this there is a large take-away buffet and sanitary facilities (completely renovated)

- The second part is still in its original state, it is currently functioning as a warehouse. In the original plan of the owner this would be arranged as a banquet room. Through the open ceiling with circulation gallery, this space looks like a discotheque. (average condition)

- In the third part there is an apartment with a bedroom with 4 rooms, 1 large bathroom / sauna, toilet (completely renovated and very luxurious!)

- In the fourth part there is a warehouse with several floors and a spacious indoor garage for several vehicles, which is in very good condition.
The property is located in the north of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén, north of Kurityán. This is a village with a rich past.
You will still find in the village the remains of a Gothic church from the 15th century and the very nice castle of Pallavitziny Ferenc.

The object itself is located on a good asphalt road.
You can only enter the completely fenced area via an electric gate.

Around the central building there is a park on the plot. There are some ornaments and decorations and there is a large pond with goldfish.
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Technical data of the property:

Living space: 943.21 m²Plot area:Garden = 8539 m² +
2,5 ha of pasurage.
All within built-up area!
Parking:Large indoor garage for muliple vehicles.Outbuildings:-
Electricity:220 V + 380 VSolar energy:-
Public water:YesWater well:-
Public gas:YesHot water supply:Gas fired combi boiler
Heating:Gas fired combi boilerFireplace:-
Air conditioning:Alarm system:- Burglar alarm
- Cctv
Wall materials:Brick with plaster*

*plaster has to be
Roofing:Roof tiles
Window framing:PVC & woodGlazing:Double glazing
Special features:- 2 connected buildings.
- Partially renovated.
- Renovation started in 2012.
- Year of building: 1975

0202 Kurityán

Listing Price + Closing Costs

Listing priceFt. 80.000.000,-£ 198,315,- *
4% Transfer tax
(payable after 6 to 12 moths)
Ft. 3.200.000,-£ 7,933,- *
3% Brokerage feeFt. 2.400.000,-£ 5,949,- *
2% Legal fee Ft. 1.600.000,-£ 3,966,- *
Total costs:Ft. 87.200.000,-£ 216,163,- *
* The displayed amount in British Pound is just an indication of the current exchange rate.
No rights can be attached to the amounts shown on this page.
Current exchange rate: £ 1, – = 403 Ft.
Exchange rate determined by an open source database.
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