HunGatlan, Hungarian real estate!


View from the Bükk hills.

The name ‘Hungatlan’ is a combination of the English word ‘Hungarian
and the Hungarian word ‘ingatlan’ which means ‘Real estate’.

So ‘Hungatlan‘ means
Hungarian Real Estate‘ !

Hungatlan is a web portal.

We have made a modest start with properties in the regions Heves, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén and Nógrád.

However, it is our ambition to cover the whole of Hungary in the near future.

We advertise and advise on the purchase and sale of Hungarian real estate. Through our years of experience and expertise we can assist you with the buying and selling of your Hungarian property. Our team members have extensive experience on the Hungarian property market.

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Real estate agencies operating on the Hungarian market who want to reach a wider audience.
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